DiamondBack Serios F '16

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Ready Ride Diamondback BikesThe dark art of aerodynamics doesn’t always follow intuition: when Diamondback teamed with industry experts HED and KQ Studios to design the Serios F, they ended up with revolutionary profiles that produce only half the drag of competitors’ bikes. A champ in the wind tunnel, it’s outside where it excels. In the real world of crosswinds and corners, this bike outperforms all others.

The Serios F frame is a worthy centerpiece. It is constructed with unidirectional carbon, unparalleled in power transfer and comfort. With unique headset spacers, it’s able to fit every body shape: able to keep the entire Optum pro team comfortable, so they can concentrate on going faster than ever before. The geometry is that of a bike that handles: up, down, around hairpins—conditions you’ll actually encounter in a time trial or triathlon. Featuring a full Shimano Ultegra group and HED wheels, it is ready for race day. When every second counts, look to the Serios F to deliver.


Diamondback Serios Bike Fit Guide

Fit is one of the most important elements of bicycle design. An optimized position is the perfect combination of aerodynamics, power output, and sustainability. Often riders focus on just one or two elements instead of all three, leading to a less than optimized fit. The Diamondback Serios Fit Guide is designed to provide you with all the information and steps needed to determine your best fit.

Generally, we see two different types of customers purchasing a Serios bike:

  1. First time TT/Tri buyers – those that already have a road bike and are now purchasing their first TT/Tri bike
  2. Experienced TT/Tri buyers – those that already have a TT/Tri bike, and are now replacing it with a Serios

Regardless of which category you fall into, the Serios Fit Guide can help you determine the best frame size for your needs.

When purchasing your first TT/Tri bike, the most general way is to base the Serios frame size on your existing road bike. Most riders tend to use the same size TT/Tri frame as their road frame. Below is chart that can help you select an appropriate size.

Diamondback Serios Bike first time buyers

If you are an experienced rider and are upgrading your current TT/Tri bike, it is best to start is with your current fit. First determine the Pad Stack and Pad Reach of your current TT/Tri bike. To do this, you will need your current TT/Tri bike, a pencil, tape measure.

Diamondback Serios Bike experienced buyers
  • To determine your Pad Stack ©, you will need the following measurements:
    1. Pad Height (A) – The distance from the ground to the top of the pads: ____ mm
    2. Bottom Bracket Height (B) – The distance from the center of the BB to the outer edge of rear wheel: ____ mm
    3. Pad Stack ©=A – B=____ mm
  • To determine your Pad Reach (F), you will need the following measurements:
    1. Pad Distance (D) – The distance from the edge of the rear wheel to the center of the pads: ____ mm
    2. Bottom Bracket Distance (E) – The distance from the edge of the rear wheel to the center of the BB: ____ mm
    3. Pad Reach (F)=____ mm

Once you have determined your current pad stack and pad reach, refer to our fit-grid to determine the best frame size for you.

For any questions regarding your frame size and fit, please contact DIAMONDBACK SUPPORT

Diamondback Serios Bike Fit Grid
Bottom Bracket (BB):Connects the drive side & non-drive side cranks to each other & the frame.
Pad(s):The padded cups atop the handlebars that are designed to support the rider’s elbows while in an aerodynamic position.
Pad Stack:The vertical distance from the CENTER of bottom bracket to the top of the pads.
Pad Reach:The horizontal distance from the CENTER of the bottom bracket to the CENTER of the pads.

After you have calculated your Pad Stack and Pad Reach, you can achieve your fit using a combination of the provided stem spacers and/or HED aerobar risers (available from HED Cycling). The stem spacers have a total of 50mm of stack range and the HED risers have 24mm of stack range.


SizeFrame StackLow PadHigh Pad
Diamondback Serios Bike Pad Stack 0
Diamondback Serios Bike Pad Stack 10
Diamondback Serios Bike Pad Stack 15
Diamondback Serios Bike Pad Stack 20
Diamondback Serios Bike Pad Stack 25
Diamondback Serios Bike Pad Stack 30
Diamondback Serios Bike Pad Stack 35
Diamondback Serios Bike Pad Stack 40
Diamondback Serios Bike Pad Stack 45
Diamondback Serios Bike Pad Stack 50
Diamondback Serios Bike Pad Stack 62
Diamondback Serios Bike Pad Stack 74


SizeFrame ReachShort PadLong Pad

The Pad Reach range is 25mm and is achieved through the use of the mounting holes on the arm rest pads. Further Reach combinations can be achieved by substituting a different length stem. The mounting diameters are industry standard Ø28.6mm at the fork steerer and Ø31.8mm at the aerobar.

Diamondback Serios Bike Pad Reach +12.5
Diamondback Serios Bike Pad Reach 0
Diamondback Serios Bike Pad Reach -12.5


Convert mm to inches
Bike Geom Size50/XS/SM54/MD56/LG58/XL
Seat Tube Length514.2mm545.6mm566.1mm587.1mm
Stand Over Height742.2mm763.1mm783.5mm804.5mm
Top Tube Length0.0mm0.0mm0.0mm0.0mm
Head Tube Length103.4mm124.9mm145.9mm167.4mm
Head Angle72.5°72.5°72.5°72.5°
Seat Angle77.0°77.0°77.0°77.0°
Wheel Base974.3mm992.0mm1010.8mm1030.3mm
Chain Stay Length400.0mm400.0mm400.0mm400.0mm
Fork Offset45.0mm45.0mm45.0mm45.0mm
Bb Drop65.0mm75.0mm75.0mm75.0mm
Stem Length95.0mm95.0mm105.0mm115.0mm
Handlebar Width400.0mm400.0mm400.0mm400.0mm
Crank Length170.0mm172.5mm172.5mm175.0mm
Seat Post Length270.0mm270.0mm270.0mm350.0mm
* Measured Horizontally
** Measured from Center


FrameSerios Aero TimeTrial Frameset, Unidirectional Carbon, 1-3/8" Taper,
ForkDiamondback Serios Aero Fork, Unidirectional Carbon,1-3/8" Taper
CranksShimano Ultegra FC-6800 53/39T, 11sp
Bottom BracketPRAXIS PF30-Shimano Conversion
Front DerailleurShimano Ultegra Di2 FD-6870, 11sp Braze-on
Rear DerailleurShimano Ultegra Di2 RD-6870, 11sp
ShifterShimano Di2 SW-R671, Remote 2 Button Bar End Shifter
Brake LeversHED Corsair Intergrated
BrakesShimano Ultegra BR-6810 Direct Mount
CogsetShimano Ultegra CS-6800 11sp, 11-25T
TiresContinental Grandprix 4000 S II. 700x23
PedalsResin Test Ride Pedal
HandlebarHED Corsair Bar 42cm Flat 31.8 w/Carbon Lazy S Bend
StemDB TT with full Hed Corsair Integration.
SeatpostDB TT Aero Carbon w/Ritchey Seat Clamp
SeatISM Prologue w/Cromo Rails
HeadsetFSA IS-2-138
ChainShimano Ultegra CN-6800
Front HubHED Jet 5 Express Front 18 H SCT Clincher 700
Rear HubHED Jet 5 Express Rear 24 H SCT Shimano Clincher 700
GripsDBR Race tape w/Gel
ExtrasFront Derailluer Hanger, Rear Derailluer Hanger, 2x/10mm Aero Headset Spacer, 2x/15mm Aero Headset Spacer, TOP TUBE GEL PACK BAG